Me and Mr. A :)

A brief overview of me and him…🙂

Me and Mr. A.. have been knowing each other since we wore daily blue-white uniform,, with 3 times 365 days at the same school and 2 years togetherness at the same class,, but no intents communication or even a simple chit-chat,, He focused on playing football with our other boy-friends while me, busy of studying, taking course, and playing with my girl-friends,, :p

Me and Mr. A.. continued feel the same atmosphere of 3-years white-grey uniformed moment at the same place and even ‘enjoyed’ the high-tense moment for facing the last year being a high school students at the same class.. Still, with no intents conversation.. All I know about him was: the time when he sit in front of my desk seriously doing the physics task (as he was crazy in love with physics) and me? never stop taking re-test for physics.. LOL.. But once, we were on the same group discussing the formula of body movement for final-workout-test.. I remembered he was such a ‘cool’ boy (less talk) I guess,, hihi :p

Me and Mr. A.. went to a same place (again) called campus for more than 4 years.. I took a technical major while he took a design major, which made me feel curious about his decision of not taking physics major.. 😀

The first 3 years,, Still no intents conversation,, met just once, twice, three times or four (do not know exactly how many times) at the bike-parking,, say ‘hi, hello, how are you’ continued with my silly question “how could you be that thin?” LOL.. then once or twice we  had a walk together from the park for several meters away to got through our class…


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