Working mom? Stay at home mom?

Making the decision to stay home with your kids or join the workforce can be a difficult process. There is no right answer. Dr. Phil encourages each woman to make the choice that brings her closest to fulfilling her hopes and dreams.

Nowadays, the financial needs indirectly affects the woman role in working or professional society. For instance, more than a half employee in my directorate are women and many of them also play role as a mother. Almost all of them choose to stay and working day-to-day for years, but one, two or some of them boldly to say “I quit working for my children”.

Let’s make a simple review of my super special person in life, my mother. She is a working mom. It took her several hours time out of house away from her children but she never let her children to be board out by grandma before they took a bath and got feed. Though she had list of duties at her office, she always spent her time to watch, teach, or at least make sure that me and my sister prepared for the school test, make sure that we won’t buy any not nutritious snack or food. Realizing for limited ability at swimming, playing music and English that she had, she gave a chance for me to learn on those subjects though courses, but in line with my desire of course. She has not finished her degree study yet, but she have an engineer daughter and another-engineer-gonna-be daughter. She gave me all the best she could give to me and my sister. (okay, this part make me almost in tears :p)

Another simple review. I was attending my ladies-geodet-reunion, almost all the attendee is a working mother, others was busy enjoy witnessing their children growth. One of them said, “I’d rather be at home to grown my own children by myself than going to work, I don’t want to lose each moment of my child’s growth”. On a seminar, a new friend who also a new-father, “I asked my wife to stay at home and look after the children, coz I know being a mother is much complicated and much exhausting than sit and do the office task”.

Salute to all!!! πŸ™‚

Well,, this is not my judging, just a share,, I could say this is one of my off-beat blog topic which is inspired by surroundings experiences,, this post brings me to the next question “which option will you choose, fris?” | euuummm… errrrrr…. I do have an option, but haven’t decide it yet since I have to discuss it further with my partner-in-life.. hoho πŸ˜€

Overall, to be who you want to be is your choice πŸ™‚

– Friska, a best-mother-gonna-be :p –

8 thoughts on “Working mom? Stay at home mom?

    1. wuooohhh… jangan salaah… first paraghraph itu nge-quote kamerad!! biar kesannya awesome… hahaha.. selanjutnya mah pabalatak da grammar struktur dkk nya :)))

    1. hihihi.. teu kunanaon bu intaann.. nuhun sudah mampir dan komen2 πŸ˜‰ ijin link blogmu di blogroll saya ya πŸ˜€

  1. huwaah,,baru aja kepikiran pgn posting something about wrking mom, eh engkau nulis beginian..dan yes, akupun cirambay di paragrap kadua,hehe.. *berpelukaaan*

  2. πŸ™‚ nice post.

    I dont mind to have a working-wife later in future. As long as she could be a great mom for my children-wanna-be later which means she will have double job : as mother and as an employee.

    I was raised by working-mother also therefore I could understand your point of view in this post. However, not every kids with working mother in this world has a pleasant childhood. That might be your concern also later. Maybe you may try to breakdown type of job of working-mother might have then you could see more the concern behind this condition πŸ™‚ just a thought of mine.

    Looking forward for another post. πŸ™‚

    Ricki a.k.a Mbah

    1. let me compile the source first yaa.. *alasan doang sih sebenernya secara mood2an klo nulis postingan yang rada bener macam beginian* :)))

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