Busy? Are you?

Wooohh.. exactly a month ago I wrote my last post.. So, how are you, world? šŸ™‚

Me? busy lately… am I? :p well.. not really, I’m not sure either.. hahaha..

Let me share about the busy-me.. and here some stories… (not at the exact time)

9 am – no task no job nothing important to do, just browsing | 10 am – the boss gave some tasks, my mom called, I spoke in a hurry then she thought I’m busy then end up the phone | 11 am – task done, no more things to do..

12 jan – promised attending friend’s wedding on 18th | another friend of mine called me for vacation on 18th, I refused, he/she thought I’m busy..

feb – made planning a vacation for march | on march – site visit task from my boss | I made the plan, I screwed it up..

this week – nothing important to do, no one ask for lunch, hang out, dinner, etc | the next week – many sudden task, many invitation..

at one moment – me, ironing. A friend called, I said I’m ironing | another moment – me, ironing. The same friend called, I said I’m ironing. She thought I’m busy ironing everytime.. LOL

Could I say those condition as a busy-me? I’m not as busy as you think, dear..

It just anĀ inappropriate coincidenceĀ timing, I guess… hehehe :p

BUSY –Ā engaged in an action; full of activity; foolishly or intrusively active; full of distracting detailĀ  (Merriam Webster)

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