Couple weeks to go

Hey bloggers, Sekarang tanggal 27 kan yaaa kan yaaa? Cefaatt yaaahh?? Ga kerasa aja gituuuh.. seems like butterflies in my belly.. nanonano lalala yeyeye.. ga puguh gitulah.. Time for counting days.. PDT tinggal 12 hari efektif.. which means, 3 weeks left for the final test! Daan seminggu setelahnya itu yaaa jreng jreeeng.. my marriage! Dua-duanya … More Couple weeks to go

About Title

A mom and daughter conversation through texting. Mom (M): Hey daughter, I attented my very bestfriend’s daughter wedding party. Surprisingly, my friend had already got her doctoral degree!! Daughter (D): Wow! thats cool, mom! M: Yup,, and me? no such title ya? even for Bachelor.. hahaha D: Hehe.. That is fine mommy.. Though you have … More About Title


Hello, bloggers! Been years no post update yaaa.. :p Sorry for being so busy lately, I know you’ve been waiting for so long.. hahahahahahaha *insane* Let’s go back to the main reason of being so stingy in posting.. *penting* jadi beginiii lama ga posting itu karena ga tau mau nulis apa.. haha.. even mau curhat … More G’day!