About Title

A mom and daughter conversation through texting.

Mom (M): Hey daughter, I attented my very bestfriend’s daughter wedding party. Surprisingly, my friend had already got her doctoral degree!!
Daughter (D): Wow! thats cool, mom!
M: Yup,, and me? no such title ya? even for Bachelor.. hahaha
D: Hehe.. That is fine mommy.. Though you have none of it, You’ve already had a bachelor daughter and another bachelor daughter to be, and InsyaAllah you’ll also have a master titled daughter.. you are the best! and I profoundly belive that Allah SWT will give you more precious title directly.. heaven hopefully šŸ™‚
M: hehe.. Amiiin.. I think a sooner ‘eyang’ to be called is far away better too, dear daughter *big code*
D: eeerrrrrr -___- *speechless*

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