I need more than 24 hours a day!

G’day! How’s life so far, fellas?
Mine? All mixed up.. excited, nervous, happy, grateful, worried, campur sari..

This posting was inspired by a mate who has just punch me with her sentence: “I wanna go to my hometown, no more time left, got only 4 Sundays before arrived at canberra”. Wooossaahhh!! Which mean I got only 5 Sundays!! *panic*

Since my coming back to the office, I was snowed under the jobs, spent less time with husband and family, haven’t finished the school permit letter and requirements, and so on. Gosh! I’m craving for more than 24 hours a day!!

No preparation for packing yet.
Unfinished the marriage document.
No teeth check up yet.
No survey of eyeglasses yet.
Less communication with family and best friends.

And… the closer the departure day is coming, the more it hard for me to leave my lovely husband, the more I miss my mom dad and sister, the more I miss my hometown, the more I worried about myself living in another continent… alone..

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