It is not as it used to be

G’day! it’s sixteen! A month to go… wooooh!

So what happen to me? Well.. I may say this week is the fluctuating emotional session.. hehe.. but, a bit harder recently, since I found myself have to leave my husband, families and friends soon.. not in a short time, with quite big difference of altitude and latitude.. 

Marriage, is not about me and my husband, but his family and mine 🙂 we  have two lovely parents, sisters, and brother.. a lot of aunties and uncles and so on.. it is not about the two of us being engaged each other.. its about being engaged with the whole family members and matters include the intrigue, the characteristic, laughter, tears, and all of feeling.. I realized this is not an instant way to be learned.. It need process and this is the state-of-the art of constructing a relationship called “household” 🙂 and I’m just at my first stage at this process..

The thing i want to share is, after spending our weekends with family and fellas time, finally we had our quality time.. Just the two of us, me and my hubby… 🙂 I know, it sound exaggerate but our time is limited as we only meet up after and before work – around 8 hours a day include our resting time – which sometime we were too tired to share stories..

It is a big lie if I said I’m fine.. I was too worried that brought me to tears, but sharing stories was the most effective way to release the negative mind.. my husband hug me, calm me down and remind me, as he always do, “Don’t worry, let Allah SWT guards us :)” 

And this kind of quality time and sharing would gonna be hoped for when we are apart.. Love you more, my best friend, my husband :*

Dear rabb, would you please take care of our hearts.. please guards us.. always..



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