I am here, You are there

G’day fellas!

Woohooo.. long time no see yaaa.. Been staying here for more than a month, in Sydney..
Not a piece of cake.. It’s like riding on a roller coaster, bring you up and down..

Euum.. it was exciting at the beginning, a vision of being somewhere else gonna bring me up to new challenges, new things, new people, everything new.. hoho.. but sometimes It feels like in a deep hole of darkness.. lonely..

I used to be used with this alone type of life.. haha.. I can wildly life with my own imagination, hope, ambition, vision, mission.. Sort of inescapable freedom :p

Things gonna be different when you have a non-single status. I thought our exercise of being in long distance relationship before marriage is enough. Nope! marriage has made me in a great pleasure of husband’s dependency. Long conversations about our life plan, simple chit chat for unimportant stuffs, laugh, warm hugs and all the things we’ve done has made me assure that live much worth when you have partner to share everything.. 🙂

But then we separate by continent and different time zone..
I am thinking about him during my togetherness with friends, during classes, during break time..
I am thinking about his feeling, his health, his mind, all about him..

My sleeping time is the time when he has just arrived from work, my college start time is the moment when he wake up.. His overtime at work is my free time at home.. his meeting time is a time when a story is about to be told by me.. it seems like time becoming an issue on us.. We lost our togetherness, and even I’ll loose his big day moment.. Price of our choices on continuing my study here.. texting, line-ing, skype-ing, phone-ing have never enough.. 😦

I used to imagine how beautiful life be if we stay here together, how strong our bond would be built.. It’s not easy, but we will get through everything together, struggle for life, experiencing sadness, happiness.. just the two of us.. Kinda envy each time I saw Indonesian couples share story about how hard they live here and how happy they are of being accompanied by their partner.. a priceless experience ever..

But I couldn’t ask more.. having his permit and bless to study here are more than enough.. the only thing I can do is praying for the best on us.. and hope that Allah SWT will always keep our heart, keep our love.. 🙂


I miss you hey Mr. A!! I am waiting for you.. as always..

2 thoughts on “I am here, You are there

  1. Mpriss…
    just wondering about the proportion of thinking Mr.A and focusing on lecturer when u were in a class. could you please tell me?

    1. ahahahah… knp nanyanya bagian itu? euumm.. usually during morning class dee.. coz my morning class is his time to wake up and get ready to go to work.. kebiasaan dulu bangun pagi nyiapin2 buat suami jadi kepikiran aja gitu deee.. those thought mostly appear when I start to loose what my lecture saying about.. couldn’t tell you more detail in certain portion.. never more than 60%, it depend on the circumstances 😀

      Buat bahan riset dee? kamu kuliah di inggris bukannya kuliah geodesi ya?? huehehehehe

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