Study and Struggle

G’day people!

Been a looongg time ya.. No need  to tell you why coz there’s no particular reason, just too lazy too write.. LOL

Officially 3 months living here! time flies like an arrow since the first time I entered the lecture class.. well, for the first month, I spent the days with English and cultural preparation program. That was really fun! met up new friends from 28 different countries, shared different stories, learned new cultures, went on a city tour, went shopping, went to the beaches, went to free-barbie events (barbie = barbeque – oz slang), and so on. These kind of activity has successfully lessen the level of my homesickness.. coz I passed the days with friends in similar scholarship, mix-feeling, sacrifice, anxiousness, confusion, excitement, spirit, curiousness and mission… to study, to survive and to struggle 🙂

Then, here come the nightmare.. the lectures, assignments, lab, quizzes, exams!! (in fact, these packages are the main point of all my coming here.. LOL). Spent the first day of lecture session with my forehead squeezing for I have to be used to the pronunciation and new terminologies.. that was the time I feel like I am the most stupid person on earth! -_-

Beyond that, I am a  lucky lady for gaining the full scholarship program that I don’t have to spend my own money, not even for a cent.. Thing going to be different when we get different scholarship program, bring family (husband/wife and children), or plan to make maximum savings.. leaning on the stipend is not enough.. here, I can easily find bachelor, master and Phd students working as a cleaner, a taxi driver, a truck driver, a factory labor, a waitress, a butcher, a librarian or other casual jobs.. coz yeah this is an expensive place to live ever!! Don’t ever think about prestige, coz people appreciate services to be payed high here.. you can earn money $12 – $ 20 per hour.. just imagine working 3 hours per day for A WEEK.. it is similar with my MONTHLY salary at the office back home… haha..

Coz I have a compulsory undergrad course to be enrolled this semester, I met the local student who is studying and working full-time as well.. A friend from India who always sit next to me, is also working as security for all his night hours, and got sleepy during the lecture, but he reviewed the materials.. A friend’s wife has to go to uni every 4.30-7.30am to work as a cleaner while her husband is taking care the baby and vice versa in the afternoon.. In order to make a visit to Korea, my friend is working for more than one part time job, then her dream is coming very soon..

Frankly, I do believe that the livelihood isn’t for free.. It’s all about effort, consequences of taking chance and facing a challenge in gaining better future.. 🙂

me? am I taking the job as well? euumm.. not yet.. I’d love to but not without my husband’s permit.. 😀

I remember once my friend ever said, ‘enjoy your study abroad, a moment when you get to lean on yourself and to know yourself better.. an expensive experience you’ll make’.. Indeed!! this is the place where I have nobody to lean on, no relatives, only new friends to share stories and feeling.. this is a big lesson, I see I learn 🙂

Especially for those who studying and struggling somewhere out there, let’s break a leg!

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