Such a rethorical

Being apart from husband or in a long distance marriage has led many people keep asking me the same question..


..So, you are married, friska? | yup | is ur husband here? |nope| uuuuwwhh don’t u miss him?

..kumaha ika disana? | Alhamdulillah damang, uwa | sono teu ka mas aji?

..empriiss suami kamu jd ikut ksana? | enggaa :(( | uuuhh.. sono atuh nyaa?

such a rethorical..

mis him

and each time they ask me about him, it just making me miss him even more..
the saddest thing was when I couldn’t come to his graduation.. he was so handsome and mature with his ‘toga’.. I just want to hug him tight, look into his eyes and say ‘I’m so proud of you’.. I know this is too mellow, but being apart from our lovely one is not a piece of cake..

But he is coming here soon! soo excited!! can’t wait! yeaaayy 🙂

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