Queen of Her Own Dinasty

It’s been a half year and I’m already¬†stayed with my English improvement stagnancy. LOL. So let’s start writing! ūüėÄ

Have you ever noticed that a lady would prefer stay at her own home no matter how mess up, super simple, and small her house is? That what has happened to my nanny and mommy. I never understand their thought about being so stubborn of living alone without any help or companion.

Well,¬†I finally figure out that being in a place of your own could¬†bring a progressive mood-booster. No matter where I live, mom’s or mom-in-law’s house,¬†I could never express and do what I want, what I feel, what I¬†like, etc.¬†Things¬†were different when¬†I rule the house, like I used to do when my family stayed in Kingsford. I could wash my clothes whenever I want, cook anything I like without having to clean the messed up instantly, watch any TV program¬†based on my mood, style my¬†room with my sense, arrange¬†every thing in my¬†house by my¬†‘rule’. For me, that kinda feeling of “having a power” brings about satisfaction which¬†leads to happiness and mood booster.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

source: http://www.pinrest.com

Frankly, for a woman esp. those who have hubby and kids,¬†being-a-queen-desire is not only a one-day-obsession, like let’s say during the wedding party, but also for their whole life. I could say that a lady would always wanted to be a queen of her own “dynasty” for their whole life. So do I. Still counting days to build our dynasty and being the queen forever.. ohohohohoho :p

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*And yes, this posting is a sharp code for ma mister, if he read it :p*