Queen of Her Own Dinasty

It’s been a half year and I’m already stayed with my English improvement stagnancy. LOL. So let’s start writing! 😀

Have you ever noticed that a lady would prefer stay at her own home no matter how mess up, super simple, and small her house is? That what has happened to my nanny and mommy. I never understand their thought about being so stubborn of living alone without any help or companion.

Well, I finally figure out that being in a place of your own could bring a progressive mood-booster. No matter where I live, mom’s or mom-in-law’s house, I could never express and do what I want, what I feel, what I like, etc. Things were different when I rule the house, like I used to do when my family stayed in Kingsford. I could wash my clothes whenever I want, cook anything I like without having to clean the messed up instantly, watch any TV program based on my mood, style my room with my sense, arrange every thing in my house by my ‘rule’. For me, that kinda feeling of “having a power” brings about satisfaction which leads to happiness and mood booster.     

source: http://www.pinrest.com

Frankly, for a woman esp. those who have hubby and kids, being-a-queen-desire is not only a one-day-obsession, like let’s say during the wedding party, but also for their whole life. I could say that a lady would always wanted to be a queen of her own “dynasty” for their whole life. So do I. Still counting days to build our dynasty and being the queen forever.. ohohohohoho :p

I got a recommended blog-post related with this post. I love the way he think and write his opinion and philosophy. Check this out.  


*And yes, this posting is a sharp code for ma mister, if he read it :p*

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